Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Lynne arrives in Portland.

K.A. Colorado Iceberg Paintings 
Art Exhibition at Portland International Airport
Just arrived in Portland, Oregon and saw my good friend K.A. Colorado's paintings art exhibition at Portland International Airport. I was met here by K.A. Colorado's wife Mary R. Tahan, and the director of the Portland Airport Arts & Entertainment Program, Greta Blalock, both of whom greeted me at the gate and took me to see this great art installation by my good friend K.A. You can see his art pictured here -- it's magnificent in its wonderful colors and environmental theme, and huge in its scope -- with me (in the middle) standing with Mary and Greta. You can also hear K.A.'s audio description by calling 503-415-6897. What a great way to kick off my book tour!

K.A. Colorado is a great friend whose art work is on exhibition at the Portland International Airport. It was so fantastic to fly into Portland airport and see his work! K.A. Colorado is an environmental artist whose work depicts the Polar regions, icebergs, and ice cores, as well as the phenomenon of deep cold and climate change. In June of this year, he completed  this series of iceberg-and-climate paintings for exhibition at the Portland International Airport.  If you want to take a look at his amazing work, the exhibition is installed in the main front entrance of the ticketing lobby. It is magnificent. It conveys a significant message of climate change and vanishing icebergs. 

While working on the paintings at his studio in Troutdale, Oregon in March, the earthquake and subsequent tsunami hit Japan, and at that time K.A. decided to dedicate his paintings to the victims of the tsunami.  If you visit the exhibition, you can hear his dedication at the airport in a special artist's audio description Subsequently NASA  released its report in August regarding the Antarctic Ice Shelf breaking off and creating icebergs as a direct result of the waves emanating from the tsunami in Japan.   
-- Lynne

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