Thursday, September 22, 2011


Yesterday was an extraordinary day in Portland, Oregon. At the booksigning at Powell's book store, an three story building of new and used books, I did a book signing. In the audience were an amazing array of friends, swimmers, triathletes, young and older people, and people who are into exploration. Bob Needham was there. He just swam the Catalina Channel the night before last in 13 hours to raise money and awareness to prevent suicides. Jodi and Marci climbed out to the water to say hi. Rosemary Lombard was there too. She is an expert on Pancake Tortorises and has studied them for 30 years. Most endurance athletes appreciate the slow steady endurance of the great tortorise. Met a woman whose aunt, Mrs. Liam was a Lutheran nurse in Teller, Alaska. She was there to he the Inuit people. And she was there at the time Amundsen and his crew became the firs to fly over the North Pole and land thehis Norge airship in Teller Alaske. Mrs. Liam cut strips of the interior fabric and of the exterior fabric of the Norge and sent to her family. The woman at the book signing handed me the piece of the airship and her aunt's letter of that date and the description of this small piece of exploration. It was amazing to this was part of the fabric of airship that enabled explores to fly over the North Pole, and part of the fabric of history. Would like to write but have to drive up to Pages Book Store in Manhattan, Beach, CA in just a few minutes to meet other friends and talk about South With the Sun. Hope to see you there and if you are too far away,  look forward to telling you about tonight's discoveries! :)! Appreciate all your interest :)! Lynne

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  1. I was just going through and adding all my favorite books to my Facebook profile, and your Swimming to Antarctica was up near the very top... this got me scouting around for more by you, and then I found this blog. Even better - you'll be in my neighborhood on October 10th signing for your new book. What a wonderful bit of serendipity, I'm so excited!